Regan Perry – “Chill” Tabs

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Chill – Written and Performed by Regan Perry

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This is a fantastic song, entiteld “Chill” written and performed by the talented Regan Perry. If you haven’t heard of Regan Perry then go check out his Facebook page here.  The chord progression in this song is an excellent tutorial for those wanting to add a little more jazz to their playing. I would say you’d need to be a low intermediate level guitarist to tackle the chords but a little more advanced to get the solo.

Check out the video below where Regan goes through just the chord progression. I’ve notated this in standard musical notation and tab so it should be easy for guitarists of all levels to read. Either check out the tab on this page or download the PDF below. Enjoy!

Chill – Just the chords


pdfDownload PDF Tabs






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