Guitar Seminar in Tokyo

1st I Love Playing Guitar in Tokyo Meet up

Guitar seminar in TokyoI am holding a guitar seminar for beginner guitarists in Shibuya Tokyo. If you are a beginner or haven’t even picked up a guitar but are interested in starting then this seminar is for you. We will be holding on Saturday 21st from 3:30pm to 5:30pm.

Who is running this meet up? 

Alex and Chris. Alex (left pic) has been playing guitar for 25 years and teaches and performs professionally around Tokyo. He specializes in classical guitar and rock.

German Guitar Teacher and Passionate Player Chris (pic below) is looking forward towards sharing knowledge and fanning the flames.



What you will get out of this meetup

1) Beginner guitarists can learn the basics of playing guitar and how to practice by themselves. You’ll learn how to tune your guitar, play beautiful chords and basic melodies.

2) More advanced guitarists can also come along to meet other guitarists, swap ideas and techniques and also help out the beginners so there will be something to learn for everyone.

3) Everyone, play guitar in a really nice professional studio in Shibuya. We’ll have professional amps and we can record our jams too.

Price: 1500 yen 

We decided to rent a really nice studio in Shibuya ( that can fit 10 people. Therefore we’d really appreciate your help in paying for the studio. Your fee will go to pay for the room and any money left over will go to pay guest teachers and speakers for future events. Here’s the room we’ll be renting.


3:15pm Meet at Noah Shibuya 1 studio

3:30pm Move to the studio and welcome from Alex

3:40pm Participant introductions and getting to know each other

4:00pm Talk by Alex: Guitar for beginners: 

• 1) Overview of the guitar, different types and parts

• 2) How to tune your guitar like the pros

• 3) How to play chords properly + the “quick chord changer trick”

• 4) How to learn the proper technique for playing melodies

• 5) Q&A session

4:45pm Split into groups based on level and swap techniques, tricks and ideas

5:10pm Group jam

5:25pm Get ready to go

5:30pm End

If people are interested we will meet afterwards for drinks in Shibuya.

Also, please sign up only if you 100% sure you can make it to the event as places are limited.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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