Easy Fingerstyle Guitar – Freight Train

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 6.28.58 PM“I want to learn fingerstyle guitar, where should I start?”

I’m often asked by my students how they should begin learning acoustic finger style guitar. “Freight Train” by Elizabeth Cotton is a great piece to start with. It’s a little challenging for complete beginners but if you take it slowly and keep at it, this is piece you should definitely have in your repertoire. So here is a simplified version which you can download by clicking here or on the picture on the left.

As for technique, keep in mind that the thumb plays the walking bass and the melody in the top can be played by the index, middle or ring finger.

Please remember this is a somewhat simplified version for beginners varies from the original. However, if you learn this, it will serve you as a good base for further fingerstyle pieces.

Check out the guitar tabs page for more music to help you learn the guitar.

Check out the original version player by Elizabeth Cotton herself.




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