Free Guitar Video lessons

Here is a complete list of free guitar video lessons just for you. I update these every Monday and the current series is aimed at beginner acoustic guitarists. Enjoy:

Lesson 07 – Bonus Guitar lesson – Sachi asks questions about the guitar

Lesson 06 – Learn how to play a basic D chord

Lesson 05 – Learn how to play a basic A chord

Lesson 04 – Learn how to play a basic E chord

Lesson 03 – Learn a basic strumming pattern

Lesson 02 – How to play your very first chord

Lesson 01 – Learn the parts of the guitar



Here are some extra guitar tutorials…

A Major Scale (1 Octave) Coming soon…

A Major Scale (2 Octaves)

A Minor Pentatonic Scale

Nirvana – “Smells like teen spirit” main riff

12 bar blues basic rhythm and chord progression

3 Blues Turnarounds

Michael Jackson – “Beat it” main riff

Blues Solo Tutorial


A major scale, 1 octave Coming soon…
A major scale, 2 octaves
Nirvana – Smells like teen spirit
12 bar blues
3 Blues Turnarounds
A Minor Pentatonic
Michael Jackson – Beat it
Blues solo
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