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A guitar lesson with Alex and his student Sachi. More guitar videos here.

Learn Guitar in Tokyo

Hi, I’m Alex and I teach guitar here in Tokyo.alex brooke guitar

If you are interested in learning guitar or perhaps confused about where to start then don’t “fret”. I can help you learn to play guitar quickly with  fun and easy lessons in central Tokyo.

I teach various styles including classical, rock and steel string acoustic.

I teach in two locations in Hiro and Hatsudai near Yoyogi park. Beginners are more than welcome so don’t be shy about starting!

I’ve been playing guitar for over 20 years and graduated from London university in musicology, performance, conducting and composition.

Lesson Fees

Number of students 人数 1 hour Lesson price 1時間のレッスン料金
1 Person (Private) 1人 6000 yen (1 hour)
2 People (Group) 2人 4000 yen (each person for 1 hour)
3 People (Group) 3人 3000 yen (each person for 1 hour)
4 People (Group) 4人 2500 yen (each person for 1 hour)
Discounts Bulk lesson discounts also available



Location 2: Hatsudai (8 min walk from Hatsudai stn./ 10 min walk from Yoyogi Koen stn.)

To find out more just send me an email at alexbooke(at)

Or if you have some questions, just post them to me in the contact form below to find out more and ask any questions you might have.

Lesson details:

This is a breakdown of the typical lesson:

guitar lesson breakdown.003Review 15 Minutes

The first 15 minutes is spent reviewing what the student learned in the previous lesson to check progress and deal with any problems.

Music Theory 15 Minutes

Then we move onto music theory which includes reading music, chords, scales and rhythm.

Guitar Technique 30 Minutes

The final 30 minutes is spent on guitar technique, playing and learning new songs and riffs.

I can teach you acoustic steel string, classical, rock, Bossa nova and Jazz.

Please contact me now for more information





私は20年ぐらいクラシックやロックギターを弾いています。生徒それぞれの得意な能力を生かすようなレッスンをして行きます。モチベーションを見つ けて皆 さんそれそれのギターの目標を達成するためにお手伝いします。一緒に英語と音楽を楽しく勉強しましょう。初心者や子供やグループも大歓迎です。





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